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Benelli M4 Review

Benelli M4 review

The Sleekest Looking Tactical Shotgun on the Market!

The Benelli M4 is a shotgun that should need no mention. Originally produced in Italy, this shotgun has seen an immense amount of action over the past decade. In fact, the gun has been used in several wars. Whether you like or dislike this aspect, it does […]

AR-15 vs M16, Reviews & Comparison

ar15 reviews picture

Of all the “sporting” rifles available to the civilian market in the world today, there are those iconic firearms that have stood the test of time and changed the needs of shooters and hunters throughout the decades. Be it the Winchester 70, The Remington 700 or even the Ruger 10/22 found in so many gun […]

AK-47 Review

ak-47 review

Across the world today, one can hardly view images of modern day oppression, fanatical groups or cold war era history without seeing some form or another of the venerable AK-47 machine gun and/or assault rifle. Aside from a very brief history of the rifle, this is a modern day usage of an AK-47 review.


Bushmaster Carbon 15 Review

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Review

The Bushmaster Carbon 15 is not only the perfect rifle for shooting deer and home safety, but it is one of the meanest looking rifles on the market. In fact, this rifle comes packed with power and an accurate shot that makes it not only look impressive, but also ensures that it is one of […]

Remington 700 Review

Remington 700 Review

In 1948 the Remington Arms company created a mass market focused, bolt action rifle for the purpose of testing the waters of the inexpensively made, mass-production, affordable rifles for military and civilian use. This began as the Remington model 721. After a trial and error period, feverishly attempting to emulate the wildly popular Winchester 70, […]