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Glock 19 Review

For a company once ridiculed for having the nerve to create polymer “firearm tupperware”, the Glock company is now certainly deserving of praise and hat-tipping for the revolution in handgun design that they are responsible for. This is specifically a Glock 19 review, the smaller version of the wildly popular and commonly found, Glock 17.

Glock 19 review Glock 19 ReviewFor all intents and purposes, the Glock 19 is actually a scaled down version of the Glock 17, meant for more concealed carry applications and geared toward being a backup gun for law enforcement. It has also found a firm foothold in the civilian market as well.

Chambered in 9mm and with a 15 round capacity plus one in the chamber, the G19  is only reduced in its round count by two bullets over the G17. The pistol is only a half an inch shorter in length and height  and two ounces lighter than its cousin, offering the same 5.5 pound trigger pull and amenities like the on-trigger safety (and long time controversy of having the safety disengage by pulling the trigger), and the “Gen 4” option of replaceable backstraps to accommodate different size grips, more aggressive grip texturing and dual recoil spring system to extend the operational life of the internal parts.

As with any Glock, or any handgun for that matter, there are lovers, haters and those in between. The polymer frame of the handgun makes the gun distinctly lighter, but at the sacrifice of greater recoil. The bend and flex nature of the frame, while not obvious by feel when shooting, is responsible for transferring recoil instead of absorbing it. That and the sketchy nature of all Glock trigger “safeties”, in that pulling the trigger actually disables the safety, are really the only two negatives in the gun.

Takedown for cleaning and simple maintenance is a breeze. A grip and slight pull of the rear slide in conjunction with the pull of a set of little takedown catches releases the slide from the frame and you’re done. No pins, no complicated procedures or steps to follow. Once clean, line up the inner rails on the slide to the frame and with a single pull the handgun it is back together and ready to shoot.Glock 19 image 300x199 Glock 19 Review

Shooting a Glock 19 can take a little getting used to at first if a shooter is used to a heavier frame like on a 1911 or an N-frame revolver, but with a little practice and the added smooth cycling of the firearm, all can easily be forgiven. For younger shooters, new shooters and those who have trouble with grip, it’s a perfect option to use in getting started. The sights are decent enough, utilizing the standard “U” frame rear sight and single dot front sight.

For concealed carry you might want to practice draw and fire techniques with a qualified instructor because there are places on the gun that can get caught on clothing or holsters (namely the sights), and despite its smaller size, it is still quite a bit larger than the made-to-purpose concealed carry handguns.

Lightweight, small frame, easy to use and a true multi-tasker, the Glock 19 is definitely worth consideration of a little range time.

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