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Ruger LC9 Review

With the onset of the concealed carry craze and the movement to smaller, lighter, more compact handguns that also deliver greater reliability over smaller handguns of yesteryear, manufacturers struggled with finding the perfect balance of manageability and cost. Therefore, one of the most popular smaller handguns of today would undoubtedly be the Ruger LC9.Ruger LC9 Review picture 292x300 Ruger LC9 Review

Matched up against other mini, micro and teeny-tiny handguns, we offer you this, Ruger LC9 review. Coming in at only 6 inches long, 4.5 inches high and just under an inch thick, the LC9 is no beefy grip handgun. Its weight comes in at only a hair over 17 ounces, so at basically a pound, one wonders how shooting a 9mm round does not result in this handgun pinwheeling through the air and into the next shooting port.

But of course, that doesn’t happen and the engineers and gunsmiths at Ruger have a little experience in these sorts of things. Actually, provided you can get used to the micro grip, the gun shoots and cycles smoothly and is built with the slide mounted very low on the frame and with decent checkering—thereby managing recoil and positive grip is easily maintained.

In practical use, the Ruger LC9 features what Ruger calls “melted edges” so that there are no sharp corners or protrusions that can get snagged on clothing or on the edge of a holster when used in carry purposes—delivering a reassurance that the gun with be in your hand when you need it to be. The handgun is double-action only despite being hammer fired (meaning you cannot pull back the hammer manually before taking a shot) and is available for additional cost with built in Lasermax or Crimson Trace lasers for pinpoint accuracy when aiming with open sights is not possible or appropriate. The included open sights on the LC9 is a simple 3-dot system.

In terms of capacity, the LC9 carries 7 rounds in the magazine plus one additional in the chamber. The breakdown of the gun is fairly simple, but does require a little awkward maneuvering of a punch and the knocking out of a pin to remove the slide, but otherwise the slide, barrel, guide rod, and recoil spring are all removed easily. Ruger LC9 Review 300x253 Ruger LC9 ReviewThis fact usually comes with my recommendation that you do not break down the gun if you are at the range, as losing that pin will not only render the gun inoperable, but will probably result in a significant conniption.

Other than the necessity of a pin removal for breakdown, the only negative I have found with this neat little handgun is how it might, or as in this case, might not fit a larger, beefier hand like the ones at the ends of the arms of yours truly. Otherwise, I can’t give enough praise to a truly innovative product that mo re than fills a niche in the shooting industry and offers a great option for home defense, concealed carry and limited IDPA shooting sport opportunities.

The Ruger LC9 was voted the 2011 Handgun Of The Year by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence.

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