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Bushmaster Carbon 15 Review

The Bushmaster Carbon 15 is not only the perfect rifle for shooting deer and home safety, but it is one of the meanest looking rifles on the market. In fact, this rifle comes packed with power and an accurate shot that makes it not only look impressive, but also ensures that it is one of the best shots possible.

Standout Features

There are a few key features that need to be mentBushmaster Carbon 15 Review 300x240 Bushmaster Carbon 15 Reviewioned in this Bushmaster Carbon 15 review. These features include:

  • Safety levers that are color coded
  • Red dot sight
  • A magazine that can include 30 rounds
  • A 16 inch M4 Barrel
  • Semi-automatic action is seen
  • A total weight of 5.1 pounds unloaded
  • The caliber seen is .223 Rem/5.56 Nato

This is a lightweight rifle that is built with steel and has corrosion and rust resistant properties.

The First Shot

The initial reviews seen with this rifle were shaky at best. While many people enjoyed the shot, there were rumors that the sight simply did not line up properly and that the charging handle would break on a few models. This seems to have all been corrected by the company which shows just how dedicated Bushmaster is to their lineup of rifles.

The shooting experience is clean and does not provide too much recoil where you cannot get your shot off fast enough. The weight is astonishing for the power provided, and you will be able to spend hours at the range without feeling the immense soreness seen with other rifles in this range.

The rate of fire is fast and the red dot is really easy to pick up. Shooting at 50 yards is a breeze. When you get further away, say about 100 or more yards away, a scope may be the better option. The carbon receiver is perfect, and the forward assist allows for an overall better shooting experience.


There are many advantages to the Carbon 15. Not only is this rifle lightweight, but it has perfect accuracy and is very easy to maintain. This allows the model to be the ideal choice come hunting season or for the utmost in home protection.

The trigger is comfortable and the color coded safety levers are an immense help. The magazine also holds 30 rounds, which means you can spend much more time shooting and less time reloading your rifle.


Many of the cons seen with this model are due to the customer service of the company. While some consumers hate it, others love it.Bushmaster Carbon 15 picture 300x106 Bushmaster Carbon 15 Review

  • There are known issues when the magazine simply will not eject properly.
  • There is no place to attach a front sight. While not the most vital addition, it would be great to have the option.
  • Some red dot sights seem to work great, but others say the accuracy is horrible for them. This was not my experience when shooting the Carbon 15, but it is worth the mention.

If you are looking for a hunting rifle for the upcoming season or want to add a rifle to your arsenal, the Bushmaster Carbon 15 may be your best choice. While some users have complaints, the vast majority state that they would recommend this rifle to their friends.

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