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Mosin Nagant Review

This Mosin Nagant review is not to somehow convince you that this particular rifle is a great shooter, nor will it lend any notion that it’s in any way better than any other rifle. The purpose of this review is to give you a little insight about what it is and why just about every shooter has one.

The Mosin-Nagant rifle was developed in1889 and put into production in 1892 by the Russians after a legal/development battle between two designers; Sergei Ivanovich Mosin and Leon Nagant from whom the Russian army combined key features from two different designs into one rifle (hence the deal name “Mosin-Nagant” Mosin Nagant review Mosin Nagant Reviewal though it was never called this in Russia).

Essentially, the rifle was created to be rugged, powerful (using a 7.62x54R, .30 caliber round) and most importantly—easy to use. The ease of use was a key feature, as the rifle was to be primarily used by peasantry soldiers who were mostly untrained and illiterate. Ease of use with no technical knowledge, few moving parts, and the least amount of tools necessary to break down and clean or repair the firearm, and by 1904, 3.8 million rifles were in service by the Russians.

Through WW1, the Russian civil war and WW2, the rifle had reached production numbers of 37 million (and even became immortalized in the movie, Enemy at The Gates) until production was discontinued after the second World War.

So why would you want one of these rifles and how do they shoot? Well, for starters, they run at a current price point (2014) of about $150.00. For an additional $150.00 you can also get about 2000 rounds of ammunition for the firearm—which will last a very long time considering that the internal box magazine only holds five rounds at a time. So for a $300 investment, half the price for most mid-range quality rifles on the market, they are an absolute steal.

Considering also that there is no learning curve in loading, shooting and maintaining the rifle (other than the fact that all the Russian surplus ammo is corrosive and you need to deal with that) there is nothing too it. Not even an owner’s manual. Anything and everything you will ever need to know about the rifle is available online in text or video format for free.Mosin Nagant rifle review 300x146 Mosin Nagant Review

Shooting the Mosin-Nagant is a lot of fun. I mention the fun factor because the rifle is not a great shooter. Until you’ve put a little work into it (if any), it’s probably going to consistently shoot high-right with the iron sights. Groups of shots on paper will probably be 6-8 inches at best at 100 yards (experienced rifle shooters familiar with Kentucky windage might get that down to 3-6 inches), but at least you know that with every cycle of the bolt and pull of the trigger, the gun will definitely go bang. Be careful it doesn’t take your arm off at the shoulder (recoil is immense), but it will shoot reliably.

There also happens to be tons of aftermarket parts for the MN rifles and you can literally turn the old war relic info a powerful and accurate sporting rifle (along with an investment of about 3 times the cost of the original rifle). So whether you “sporterize” the firearm or leave it as a classic, peasant rifle, everyone’s got one because they are cheap, rugged and a heck of a lot of fun to shoot.

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