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Benelli M4 Review

The Sleekest Looking Tactical Shotgun on the Market!

The Benelli M4 is a shotgun that should need no mention. Originally produced in Italy, this shotgun has seen an immense amount of action over the past decade. In fact, the gun has been used in several wars. Whether you like or dislike this aspect, it does show just how reliable the M4 Benelli can be. It is not every day that you can find a shotgun that has been included in three wars on the market and ready for use.

Standout Features

Benelli has ensured that this shotgun is one of the best in the world. While every Benelli M4 states this, it is simply the one shotgun that you must have. Ready to see the features and specs that make this one of the most hyped shotguns in history?

  • The overall weight, without ammo, is 8.4 pounds.
  • The barrel length measures 18.5 inches while the complete length is 34.8 inches.
  • A modified choke is seen with a pistol grip for easier shooting.Benelli M4 review 300x105 Benelli M4 Review
  • This is a 12-gauge caliber shotgun.
  • The M4 is gas-operated and uses the ARGO system.
  • Ghost ring sights allow users to have pinpoint accuracy when shooting.
  • The total capacity is 4 + 1.

The ARGO system is simple and utilizes self-cleaning pistons and stainless steel. Users are able to shoot low and high powered rounds without worrying about the M4’s reliability.

Shooting Experience

Once you pick up the M4 Benelli, you will realize that this is unlike any other shotgun you have ever held. It is sturdy and feels rock solid. The buttstock is perfectly sized and the grip is very comfortable. The initial shot will show you just how powerful this model is.

When looking through the sights, it will become clear just how accurate this shotgun is. The shotgun shoots smoothly and the accuracy is out of this world. The weight will take some time to get used to, but the overall shots and trigger feel are definitely worth it.


The M4 has been military tested and can be seen all around the world being shot by military personnel. What does this do for you as the user? This means that this shotgun has to withstand an immense amount of use without


Benelli M4 picture 300x184 Benelli M4 Review

Initial testing showed that after shooting 25,000 rounds, none of the major parts needed to be replaced. The ability to shoot low and high powered shots with spot on precision is also a major bonus. The shotgun requires very little maintenance and was created to work in the blistering cold as well as the sweltering heat.

If you want to change out the barrel or buttstock, you can do so without needing any tools.


There are very limited cons with this model. The only issues that have been seen are:

  • The price matches this gun’s durability. The price is high, but worth the expense.
  • The weight takes some time to get used to. Expect to be sore after the first day of shooting.

The Benelli M4 is powerful, reliable and has been tested by the world’s military. With amazing sights and an immense amount of power, this is the shotgun to beat.

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