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Mossberg 500 Review

This Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun review represents the kind of quality firearm you can get on a tight budget and still attain versatility and a really nice shooting ability.

The 1961 500 model series, originally produced to compete with the Remington 870 series, was designed to be more of an affordable, everyman “down and dirty” kind of gun for hunters where outdoor conditions are less than ideal and more than a little sloppy. The “no frills” kind of gun that was created definitely shoots when the trigger is pulled, but doesn’t have the nice furniture that other shotguns have by comparison.

The Mossberg 500 is chambered for up to 3” shells in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 bore (.410 uses the 2.5” shells), depending on the model number, but all share the same basic characteristics in construction, breakdown, cleaning, and replacing aftermarket parts.

What I find extremely interesting about this series of shotguns is the fact that Mossberg is one of the only current manufacturers who offer an adjustable trigger system. Called the “LPA Trigger System”Mossberg 500 Review 300x65 Mossberg 500 Review and standing for “Lightning Pump Action”, it allows the user to adjust the trigger poundage according to the shooter’s needs (and GREAT for kids starting out in the shooting sports) with little more than a twist of a screwdriver. While some would be rightfully concerned that this feature would lend a sloppy trigger with lots of creep and overtravel, the reality is that the trigger—at all settings—is a nice, sharp breaking trigger with almost zero creep, which is very impressive.

Otherwise, the gun is just fine. While not my first choice for more precise shooting, its home defense and hunting applications are absolutely primo for these intents and purposes. It’s also been adapted for wide range military and law enforcement use (from what I understand it makes a hell of a lock blaster on  heavy doors) and again, the lower price point keeps owners sane when the inevitable dents and scratches occur.

For a home defense gun, I highly recommend the model variants (or use of aftermarket parts) to install a pistol grip and a picatinny rail so that you can also install a red-dot sight and/or a light and laser. A shorter barrel is also a good idea for this kind of application.

Overall, the Mossberg 500 is a very decent, affordable shotgun to have and still keep to a certain level of quality. As a hunting or home defense gun or a completely versatile gun for the beginners, the MB 500 is a great option for consideration.

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