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Mossberg 930 Review

A Tactical Leader in Auto Loading Shotguns

Mossberg is one of the industry leaders when it comes to shotguns and the Mossberg 930 is no exception. This is a tactical, auto loading shotgun that is both aesthetically pleasing and provides users with an immense amount of power. Shooting is done in semiautomatic fashion and the 930 is even made in the USA.

Let’s break down this shotgun  and delve deeper into our Mossberg 930 review.

Standard Specs

The chamber size of this 12 gauge shotgun is 3 inches and the overall capacity is 5. The barrel measures 28 inches. There is also a 26 inch version that is available. This model also comes in various styles with pure black being the one that looks the best. Camouflage and traditional black walnut styles are also seen.

The complete listing of the 930’s specifications are:Mossberg 930 picture 300x225 Mossberg 930 Review

  • Gauge: 12
  • Chamber Size: 3 inches
  • Capacity: 4 + 1
  • Weight: 7.75lb
  • A dual gas system is in use
  • Specialized models are available for different hunting uses
  • A 2-year warranty is included
  • There is a 14-inch pull length

Shooting Experience

The reliability and comfort seen with the 930 are both exceptional. As any gun expert will tell you, most autoloaders are fickle and will require use before working properly. This was not seen with the 930. Simply unpack it and start shooting.

Shooting is soft and there is little recoil felt. This allows you to shoot for hours without being sore the next day. The empty hulls are ejected smoothly, which is also very nice for those wanting to clean up after shooting. A tapped receiver and sling accommodation make shooting even more fun. While not a fan of ported barrels, this shotgun is definitely an exception.


One of the most surprising parts during my Mossberg 930 review is that this shotgun handles very well. This is due to the attention to detail with ergonomics. Besides that, there are plenty of other pros to be seen including:

  • A large selection of available accessories
  • Immense reliability
  • Quick handling
  • Adjustable spacers
  • The trigger has one of the best pulls on the market
  • There are many styles available
  • The cost is exceptionally low
  • The overall weight is just about 7.5 pounds


There are always some negatives seen with every shotgun and the 930 is no exception. This model has a few areas which could use improvement, including:

  • The overall capacity is lacking, which means a magazine extension will be needed
  • The traditional place to mount a light is not available
  • The barrel is short for some users
  • Interchangeable choke tubes are not present

    Mossberg 930 review 300x64 Mossberg 930 Review

The Mossberg 930, despite its few cons, is an exceptional shotgun that is loaded with power. Not only are the aesthetics of the gun beautiful, but it handles perfectly as well. The pull control is almost unmatched and the low recoil makes shooting this shotgun even more pleasurable. There are also many styling variations for users to choose from.

For the price, the 930 cannot be beat. It is powerful, fun to shoot and is amazingly accurate.

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